Wednesday, June 30, 2010

See J run...

I am back, sorta. I think I'll be turning this into my new "training" blog. I've had multiple surgeries about 9 weeks ago, a major one which really limits a lot of torso & ab stuff for a long time (like 6 months to a year). So ab work in general is out, lifting heavy is out, things that engage the abs too much is out, stuff like Insanity & plyometrics etc. is out. I've been working on walking & running and currently just finishing up week 2 of the Couch to 5K program. Now maybe I could push myself harder to get things back up to speed, but I truly am limited from surgery & I get internal shiz yelling out EFF OFF when I push more than my point in the healing process will allow. Soooo... Let it flow, let yourself go, slow and low that is the tempo!

A friend of mine in Washington challenged me to a marathon next June and I said okay (even if all I can build up to is half, that would STILL be amazing for ME the run-hater for life). So since I'm turning 30 very very soon, I figured why not? I'm not planning for any sort of figure comp, I think I'm too tattooed, and running is perfect to train for & keep going. Why NOT do something at 30 that I NEVER thought would be possible for me? HELL YEAH! Bring it! I will train slowly & intelligently so as to prevent injuries. It will be difficult once I start running longer distances to change from eating low carb to higher, but I can handle that, I'll need it for fuel and by the time I get to the longer distances I'll be lean again & my metabolism will be blaring hot.

So I'm back!