Friday, July 31, 2009

INSANITY Pure cardio - day 5

Alright this was hard to get my game face on this morning, I knew this was going to be killer.

The warm up is the same always, essentially, at the end of that I decided WTF was I thinking wearing a shirt for any of these workouts in the first place? Took it off and set a box fan up & turned on in front of me, sheer genius I tell you! Then the stretch, feels sooo good. Then Shaun T says "anyone else as nervous as I am for this workout" UH WHAT?!?!?!

This is nuts, oh there's a grey bar in the other vids, yeah there is... In this one you get the grey bar after the warm up, then you don't get sight of it again until the count down is like 7-8 mins left. I saw that grey bar coming and felt LIFT OFF, yeah! We hit the grey bar, EVERYONE was on the floor including Shaun and he says "this sh&^&@ is ba.nanas... yo" yep, it is.

I liked when he started one move saying hey do this, uh what is this called? Shaun T is so tired he forgot the names of his own moves...

I love this series, love that it's set in a school gym, the cast is awesome, the music is just right. I'm almost done with the first week, one more workout then a day off, yes!!! Day off though might just be a P90X lifting video though... or I might wait a lil longer before adding lifting, will see how I feel.

BTW there's NO WAY anyone has to worry about lower body doing these vids, esp when every single day you're doing jump squats... yeah...

INSANITY "cardio recovery"

THis was yesterday, I will blog about today's in a few hours.

Okay here goes, is it CRAZY that starting day 4 I already feel a BIG difference? I'm sure my whole core/waist area is smaller and my legs & booty are better, but haven't checked any stats yet to be sure. I woke up at 2 am, laid down for another half hour but my stomach growling made me get up and eat a protein bar. I couldn't wait. This MUST have already sped up my metabolism in JUST a few short days, nuts! I'm NOT complaining cuz I <3 it!

Going into this workout I knew not to get my hopes up thinking it was just some sort of stretch vid because I previewed it > a week ago. I was a little relieved too, when I got up because my whole lower body wasn't crazy sore, thank goodness!

It's just over a half hour, lots of good stretching but OMG it was a LEG KILLER! Slow squats (all just body weight), HELD squats then when you think your legs are going to explode SHaun says "okay how we're going to pulse it 16 times" OWIE! Then repeat with lunges, more squats, more lunges... Then he does some craziness in the old style regular butt kicks (donkey kicks or whatever), I'm not going into specifics, but let's just say the leg that is supporting you is positioned in such a way that you'll want to scream because it is KILLING its quads and calf! Then there's some plank work which is also killer. I sweated good, but not buckets like on the cardio workouts.

I am now addicted to INSANITY, it's my smack, I can admit it :) I can see EASILY how this will get anyone seriously CRAZY results in 60 days, especially if I can tell a difference so fast. GET FIT OR GET OUT! If anyone is reading this and wants info on getting it, shoot me a message

INSANITY cardio power & recovery

SORRY! I could NOT log into google at all the past 2 days! This was Wednesday's workout.

First off here’s what they say about muscle atrophy doing INSANITY – “You might lose some muscle mass but you'll make fitness gains that will increase your capacity for improvement, so when you head back to P90X or whatever else you're doing, you should quickly catch up with, then surpass, any previous limits.

It's the basic theory of cross-training only it's, like, max-cross training.”

Starting today my hammies, glutes, erectors & delts were all sore, already. So it took massive amounts of convincing myself to go down and do the workout, these are something ELSE! I woke up at 2, stayed in bed until about 3:30 trying to sleep but got up & had half a recovery drink. Started about 4:30? These workouts have about a 10 minute warm up then 6 minute stretch; the warm up is NO JOKE and a “warm up” like no other! It hurt, doing the various types of evil jump squats he comes up with I was already screaming “are you freaking kidding me? We have to do THIS again after plyo? ARGH!” Then I decided Shaun T might just be the devil…. [and I mean that in the best of ways of course]

After the stretch I thought OMFG now I have to workout and I had already noticed (during the stretch) that the backs of my hands were sweating, then realized my shirt was so soaked that any movement felt AWESOME like an air conditioner blowing straight on me, ah thank you sweeeeet movement! But alas, the happiness is short lived as the craziness picked right back up. We had to do those crazy power jumps again (like wide stance squat jumps & you slap your knees when they’re up) efffff! Then V-push-ups (pretty much OW delts) (sorry the 30 sec mini breaks barely left me enough time to write stuff down ha). Tricep dips for a minute, okay not so bad, and then he says “raise your back leg” owww! Then you switch legs ow. Then these crazy tricep “ball” pushups, interesting, where does he come up with this stuff?!?!! After that bout of craziness then there’s moving push-ups freaking CRAP!

I think 20 minutes into the workout I felt seriously nauseous, like I was seriously eyeing my puke bucket and praying that I wouldn’t need it. It’s one of those feelings you love & hate, love that you’re pushing THAT hard but really hate to really have to throw up… just sayin’! No, I did not need to utilize the puke bucket, thank gawd!

Breaks glorious breaks! Grey bar how much I LOOOOVE YOU! The grey bars signal the glorious breaks, oh yes. CRAP there’s no more grey bar, WHERE ARE YOU GREY BAR?!????? I MISS YOU!

Then there are the torturous globe jumps again, ow freakin ow! I know I skipped a lot of moves on this blog I just jotted down ones that stuck out in my mind during the tiny 30 sec breaks, when I wasn’t trying to sip water. Then you get a break and there’s 5 mins left you think you might be done but ALAS one more move… hop squats (8) jump down do 8 push-ups repeat, wow. Oh yeah and somehow my lats are ever so slightly sore…

I think that is all I have. If I can move tomorrow for “cardio recovery” I will be happy.

This program is off the HOOK and I know I’m barely scratching the surface. Seriously, this is awesomeness!

***I will be back later putting up the blog about yesterday's workout and then today's***

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

INSANITY Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Okay so I know a lot of people have already done this as it was a preview workout that came to subscribers of Tony Horton's 1 on 1 series (which I have to mention is perfect for P90X grads and there's a deal running right now for new subscibers that lasts only until this Friday to get July's Intervals for 1 penny and there's also a pay it forward DVD for beginners that you can pass onto someone else *ahem*, just sayin' it's a good deal).

I wasn't a subscriber, so I didn't get this video and I knew I'd get my arse handed to me, and I did, thoroughly. It's like you think you'd be okay because you're good at P90X plyo, well think again. THis is like that, on crack. One part sticks out in my mind (because I can't remember much beyond just pushing through and making myself keep going, seriously it's rough but in the best ways) I remember Shaun T sayin something like "come on, just one more round of this craziness" and I remember seeing Tania mouthing F&@K, yeah I'm not joking. My whole body is feeling this already, are you serious? I CAN get through this week... & I will be better!

BTW I have to mention this deal, see Tony Horton's 1 on 1's typically run $19.95 ish (+ s&h) for free site members ($14.95 for coaches). Right now the first year's volume is 50% off! You do that math $19.95 x 12... You can get it all for half off right here, you bet your arse I'm getting it. It also comes with a great holder for all of them. Doesn't matter if you can't get it, I'm just putting the info out here in case someone is interested.

I'm waiting on finding my camera to add on a pic of my face I took post workout pre-shower, so check back a few hours later haha, if you want.

Monday, July 27, 2009

INSANITY starts - Fit Test thoughts

Krissa - just wanted to say to you that I previewed all the first month workouts and really the only mucles I wonder about getting worked enough are back and bi's, I don't see needing to lift MORE than that BUT I will see.

Alright so I started the rotation, I'm not sure if it's my "official" 60 days start day but today was my first Fit Test so here are my thoughts.

Warm up - okay nice, sweat starting, let's DO DIS!

switch kicks - I have to jump doing front kicks back and forth raising my legs HOW high? #$@*(& this looked easier a week ago when I just watched it, how in the #$@&^ HELL does Tania do so many? That girl is nuts!

power jacks - okay I can do these good, thank you Tony Horton, now I know I won't die doing these

power knees - I am a beast and I will kill you with my knee repeatedly, okay maybe not, but I can do these good (of course by the end of it you have burning lower body muscles and have to work through the burn but it's okay)

power jumps - okay seriously, wtf, when I previewed this move I didn't realize it was going to make me wanna die...

globe jumps - these are like squat jumps just in 4 directions (right, back, left, front over & over) - my arse, my arse, my arse is on fire, we don't need no water let the mother #$*(&#(*$@ burn...

suicides (aka burpees without the push-up) - okay I can do this, this has to be easy without the push-up... yeah #@^$% right! Crazy m'er f'ers! I crawled to write my results down... okay okay only ONE more move I can do this, I'm almost done! GRRRR baby!

push-up jacks - reg push-ups but when you go down you jump your feet apart come up and jump them together, doesn't look so hard I can do it... holy crap WTFH? Seriously this stuff is crazy! OH good God in Heaven I'm so glad I survived!

Ahhhh 4 mins of stretch & cool down and I feel fabulous.

If I can survive this first week I'm going to love this program. Tomorrow the puke bucket is coming down to the basement with me, you know, just to make sure.

Friday, July 24, 2009


The name of this workout series just fits me perfectly. Especially since I've been on Team Asylum for *cough* 2 years now *cough* wow has it been that long? Sheesh!

I bought this series and decided I'd take a P90X rest/recovery week and then dive in. It's 90% cardio program, so if I feel the need I'll add in some P90X lifting (since I get skinny arm syndrome if I'm not lifting enough). I'm starting this on Monday! Maybe not officially starting the 60 days, but am trying out the workouts in their intended rotation.

I'm nervous, I'll fully admit! I had a 10-15 min preview of this workout when I out in LA in March and I felt like I was going to puke in that short time. I do need to push my cardio harder, I haven't been doing that lately, and this will help. I *think* I'm ready. I've previewed most of the first months' workouts and they are INSPIRING, I am looking forward to it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Defeating the Four Demons

I figured I'd restart a blog and see if I can't keep up with it. The first post is something my friend Greg posted a long time ago that I love.

The first Demon that one typically meets along their path is the DEMON OF TIRED. The DEMON of tired is most apt to strike when other events during your day have caused you stress or you are preoccupied with something else. Sitting on your shoulder he quietly whispers to you that you've had a long day and it's OK not to train balls out or better yet not to train at all. I am amazed at the number of people that succumb to this DEMON and justify their actions by stating "I don't want to overtrain". Understanding that the body is capable of dealing with massive amounts of physical stress helps you differentiate from being actually burned out a bit and overtrained and under-rested as opposed to looking for an excuse to be lazy.

The Second DEMON that you are destined to meet is the DEMON OF PAIN. This DEMON manifests itself right towards the end of a set. Of course he always appears during your perceived moment of failure rather than your actual moment of failure. We've all seen this demon at work in the gym. You watch somebody doing a set of bench presses and they just "STOP" for no apparent reason other than the fact that the set started to become uncomfortable. "Fatigue makes cowards of us all", this has been proven by Pavlov and a whole slew of scientists. However, where the DEMON OF PAIN is concerned, with a lot of people "The thought of fatigue makes cowards of many" Actually taking a set to true failure is a foreign idea to most because it is HIGHLY PAINFUL and UNCOMFORTABLE. They have already surrendered to the DEMON OF TIRED before hand. "Bending over" if you will, before even trying to fight back. Most people who do this also seem to confuse the idea of being injured with the idea of being in pain. They are not one and the same. If one is injured, they often experience pain, however if one is experiencing pain this does not necessarily mean they are injured. The DEMON OF PAIN blurs the line between injury and pain so that you can rid yourself of any guilt for training like a b***h.

The third DEMON is the DEMON OF CONCENTRATION. There is a famous story of a martial arts instructor and one of his students that I would like to share because it applies equally to bodybuilding. A martial arts instructor welcomes a new student into his dojo. This student was very excited and very eager to learn, so after the first class he approached the instructor and said "Sensei, how long will it take for me to be your top student?" To this the Master replied "10 years!". Disappointed, the student then asked: "What if I train every day and never miss a class?" To this the Master replied "15 years!". Further let down, the student quickly responded: "Well what if I train twice day for 8 hours a day and never miss a class?" To this the Master replied: "20 years". Finally the student asked: "Sensei, I do not understand. Why is it that every time I tell you I will train longer and harder, the longer it will take me to be the best student?" To this the master quietly responded: "With only one eye on the path and one eye on your goal of being my best student, you will never find your way." In simple terms, this means that you cannot partially concentrate on what you are doing in any given moment and expect to get to your maximum potential.

The final DEMON is the most powerful and most difficult. It is the DEMON OF CONTINUE. Day in and day out you will be faced with the afore mentioned 3 demons only to realize that you have to get up and face them all over again. This realization is the DEMON OF CONTINUE. Here is where the "I'll train tomorrow's" and the "I'll eat good tomorrow's" start playing in your mind. Anyone can stay structured and focused for one month, even three months or six months. But can you stay focused and on your path and face the DEMONS everyday for the REST OF YOUR LIFE? That is the question. This is where you can gain ground on those that are seemingly so far ahead of you now. They won't be able to beat the DEMON OF CONTINUE. But trust me if you do, you will surpass them very quickly.

An excerpt from "Beyond Failure Training" by Trevor Smith