Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still going

Monday I took an impromptu rest day, mother nature just sucks sometimes is all I have on that.

Tuesday I will still insanely tied but I forced myself to do something, so I did the scheduled P90X back & bi's and lifted heavier than the week before. It was good, but still I felt crappy.

Yesterday I did the 1st of 3 scheduled 28 min runs for the week. The last mile of it I really didn't want to keep going & finish, but I made myself & I did it. Then I cooled down a wee bit & did a max incline walk & the total tready time was an hour.

This morning I did P90X chest/shoulders/tri's and progressed in it. I'm planning on a really good elliptical sweat session midday and that's about it for now. I'm not counting on progress with stats this week, but as long as I don't go backward I'll be good.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


The scale has been the same for weeks on end, and now it has finally budged with my super-ish clean eating (no, not raw, not organic, yadda yadda). That makes me happy ha! Finally I hit one goal, now there's 3 lbs to go until the next one then I won't really have a scale goal anymore. That sure will help with motivation for eating better!

I was pretty hungry this morning, so since I had gotten up early I figured I'd go down & do something. So I did 30 mins elliptical, was going to do some abs but I thought I heard a kid up & walking around. No biggie, it's rest day anyway. Quads are SORE from plyo and that ROCKS! Having been doing P90X Legs & back my quads haven't been getting sore :)

So, onto my non-cheat cheat day.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Endorphins how I LOVE thee!

Seriously nothing is better than a workout that gives you that LONG endorphin high! Today was the first time I attempt P90X Plyometrics since surgery. Honestly, I was skeered going into it, but told myself that if I couldn't do it I'd quick pop in Legs & back instead [I'm doing it for a leg & cardio workout combined]. So I had an awesome workout, needless to say, the long after endorphin high and was thinking... NO matter how long, how hard I've RAN or did the elliptical I never got an endorphin high from those, EVER. If I'm to set my head on running a friggin marathon and I don't get endorphins it might just be near impossible. I think this is why I LOVED P90X and INSANITY so much, ENDORPHINS! Insanity was the most endorphins since almost all the workouts are plyo, I think that's the key for me, so sad!!!

Before surgery I never sweated that much either, I hope it's my metabolism cuz I have goals that need to get MET!

On facebook I started a new photo album I ended up naming "Getting back to ME at 30, accountability". Last weekend I turned 30 and this is a way for me to better myself, physically AND mentally (I have had issues for a long while with eating). This sweaty pic was the first one in it, of course. I'm hoping to do a weekly pic, they don't need to be same pose (that'd be BORING, okay?!), just a little extra something and my 1400+ "friends" to be able to see. I am really struggling here & there and want to work this fat off so fast but I totally am missing Insanity *POUT* I will stay strong though. Tomorrow morning stat check and maybe even some easier cardio. Now I will forever be looking forward to Plyo days!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Food and food!

These are things I bought for my upcoming non-cheat cheat days :) Delicious blueberry waffles, sugar free chocolate pudding (with active cultures even), sugar free cool whip for the pudding, ff cheese, whole wheat sandwich thins & original BOCA burgers for yummy burgers, and a melon package cuz I've been craving some melon! Actually I forgot to add the light string cheese I bought too when I busted this all out for a pic. I'm actually looking forward to this!

I eat really non-processed (not totally strict like people can get, but still). I'm hoping stuff like this will help me refrain from actually cheating because I have not been able to get cheat days in check. I have one morsel of refined sugar or white flour (any form) and I go nuts, it's really really sad.

That is my typical daily food intake 6 days a week (roughly), well this is the new plan I started doing on Monday. If I need more I add in a couple ounces of chicken. I am really tired of not making much progress so now the freaking game is ON!

Freaking intervals!

So today's run (prescribed 2.5 miles) workout went like this: 5 mins walk @ 4.0 mph, jog @ 6.0 mph for 8 mins, then three times through of [1 minute each] 6.0 mph, 6.2, 6.4, 6.6. I wanted to do one more set of those intervals but I wouldn't have been able to finish so the last 5 minutes were 6.0 mph. Then I walked very very slow for 2.5 mins to cool down & got on my elliptical for 20. I'm not sure if my body is really ready for intense intervals yet, so I'm not going to push too much.

A couple days ago when I was doing an extra elliptical session I thought I was bonking in the middle of it (running out of energy) because all of a sudden it felt like I was running through knee deep mud instead of the easy breezy smooth sailing of minimum resistance (ha). Well after doing extra on it yesterday I found out it adjusted it's own resistance (aka it's getting old & I think I knocked something loose) so at least it wasn't just me getting worse or something lol.

Speaking of yesterday, I did an extra 30 mins elliptical and some abs and it was good. I'm hoping I see some changes this week. Hey I'm up to 7.5 miles a week (running) that's not toooo shabby :) Next week will be more then the next week will be the 5Ks. I'm possibly cutting out intervals altogether just to be able to do the time jogging "easy".

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Moving on up

Or something like that. Yesterday was another C25K day. I did 3 slight intervals, my body isn't so ready to push more but I'll keep trying to do more every time. 5 min warm up then 1 min each of: 6.0 mph, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, & 6.4 3 times for 15 mins, then 10 mins @ a 10 min mile to finish off the called for time/distance. Then I went to max incline & walked & did a full hour. Midday I did half hr elliptical which was 2 mins forward 1 min backward (10 times).

This morning was P90X chest, shoulders, tris for the first time in forever also. It was good! That workout always makes my iffy wrist sore but my body needed a change. That's about all I got for now. Midday I'll probably hit the elliptical then do some crunches I think.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yeah I keep forgetting to blog, probably mostly because I'm not feeling like how I used to in that I was super motivated, etc.

Saturday morning with Hubby on nights I missed my workout because the youngest woke up and was hard to get back to sleep. SO I did P90X shoulders & arms Sunday morning (and I won't do that workout again for a month). I took pics & starting stats for a 12 week challenge, not too bad but definitely nowhere near where I really want to be. It's all very discouraging with not losing weight, but I have to keep going so that I can at least get a running base to build on and so on.

Yesterday was C25K w7d1 which was run 2.5 miles or 25 mins (that's what all the runs are this week). I was tired ALL day because I don't sleep well with him on nights and every passing day it gets worse. Around 1 I made myself get it done though, regardless. At first I felt strong so I did slight intervals 1 min each: 6.0 mph, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 did that twice (10 mins) but realized there was no way I'd be able to do the full 25 mins so I just did the last 15 mins @ 6.0 mph. Then I did 25 on the elliptical.

Today I did P90X back & bi's and man that is killer! I haven't done that since before surgery so I know I'll be feeling it!

Plan for the next 4 weeks is during my clean 6 days a week eating the processed foods I eat will be the ingredients for my protein bars (oats will be with breakfast too): whey protein powder, non-fat powdered milk, natty pb, old fashioned oats. The rest will be lean proteins & veggies. Hopefully this will get things moving! I can't commit to my old "cheat days", every time I try to skip a cheat I end up caving & feeling guilty, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do there yet. I would love to be eating clean, just not as strict, more processed foods, more carbs, fruits and the like and not really having anything wholly bad, but we'll see.