Monday, August 31, 2009

Insanity fit test results

Okay my 2nd fit test of this round results. Since I've done 3 total, I'm posting all of them. Reminder I did 2 weeks of Insanity, got sick, took a rest week then restarted. So the numbers will go Initial/Restart 1st/2nd

Switch kicks - 50/56/63 (1 = 2 kicks counted these wrong before)
Power jacks - 47/57/62
Power knees - 87/100/104 (lost my rhythm twice so could've been better)
Power jumps - 24/33/43
Globe jumps - 7/10/12 (1 = 4 directional wide-stance jump squats)
Suicide jumps - 17/20/22
Pushup jacks - 17/28/35
Low plank obliques - 60/82/106

I was REALLY surprised after just the first move with how much more I was doing in JUST the last 2 weeks. Seriously? I didn't KNOW that I'd keep progressing and I'm stoked! This is SERIOUSLY the best cardio workouts EVER!!!! Everyone who CAN do this SERIOUSLY just should GET IT! I'm looking forward to more pain.blood.sweat.& tears. Just sayin' THANK YOU SHAUN T!!!!!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Joc furnace engaged =)

Well I don't know what did it besides just blaming it on Insanity. When my metabolism is rockin I get warmer. Well right now preworkout I have a small banana to get going (since I need some fuel in me now to get through these cardios). I start sweating way faster when I go downstairs (which my basement is colder than the rest of the house). Now when I was comfy about 69-70F inside (according to thermostat) I am comfy a few degrees cooler (66-67). Hubby uses me as his furnace when sleeping & when I get up to workout he gets cold & wakes up LOL.

In-laws are visiting (almost done) and I've been on track. It's really REALLY hard to stay on track with them. See, FIL is 100% Polish & deaf (has hearing aids, hardly wears them & doesn't keep the batteries fresh), grew up as a farmer etc. MIL is 100% Italian, had knee replacements & is quite slow moving. Well they bring sweets & all sorts of things we don't eat & it's HARD staying away and turning things down. I hate how upset FIL looks, but Hubby just says "diet" he makes his face and nods. UGH! Seriously they KNOW what I've done & I don't get it. I mean MIL totally understands but FIL just won't get with the program, ugh! Ugh! That on top of all the extra cooking, extra tons of dishes etc. It's been a rough, tiring week. I REALLY like them, but it's just hard, especially for a full week. I wouldn't be surprised if I dropped a few lbs, just sayin'!

Hearing what people are saying about the Month 2 Insanity workouts scare me a wee bit. I have just over 3 more weeks though. From what I hear Month 1 workouts are nothing compared to them, so yeah...

I'm fighting sinus junk, my ears are having difficulties draining as they always do when my sinuses are in full swing. My left ear hurts & the lymph node right in front of it is swollen. I'm really really hoping it'll clear up without turning worse.

I'm up for blog/vlog ideas, send em my way! Might wait until after Monday's fit test to do another video, possibly, will see.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week 1 complete

I love this stuff :) Oh I'm also battling some sort of congestion & have an earache (am hoping Airborne & sudafed will be good, but I don't feel sick just congested). Anyway, In-laws are here for the week, but am going to stay on track.

Vlog link

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Insanity fit test results

Okay this is a restart but I figured I'd put up my sad sad original #s too just because it's ridiculous the difference already! Can I really go even faster? I guess so, will strive to do better in 2 weeks!

Switch kicks: 100, 112
Power jacks: 47, 57
Power knees: 87, 100
Power jumps: 24, 33
Globe jumps: 7, 10 (for those who don't know each 1 is 4 jump squats)
Suicide jumps: 14, 20
Push-up jacks: 17, 28
Low plank obliques: 60, 82

Seeing these really made me wonder if I was just really holding back 3 weeks ago, uh... Yeah... Anyway moving on!

With the restart I'm adding on 2 P90X upper body workouts a week, so later today I'll do chest & back and another day I'll do shoulders & arms. And from the beginning Pure cardio days I'll add on cardio abs as well since I'm already accustomed to the workouts. I will not blog about individual workouts anymore until I hit month 2, so will do weekly updates, probably in video format (on my blogspot).

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I'll be back to Insanity tomorrow morning & will post fit test results :)

Figured I'd try to do a vlog weekly, will see how that goes ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not 100%

I realized Sat afternoon I was coming down with something, Sunday I felt like poo. Then I started thinking about how I felt over the past several days and realized I first had symptoms last Wednesday when the painters started work. Obviously, I did not have much down time to think about how I felt and I kept going, whooops! So there was my mistake, taking care of everyone & everything and not thinking too much about me!

So I'm taking this week as an Insanity recovery week, which is doing "core cardio & balance" for 6 days, then will restart Insanity next Monday. It's a good sweat & a good burn of a workout, but definitely a good recovery workout. Here's to hitting Insanity HARD & with a vengeance next week!

The next few days the painters will be here, so I'm going to be scarce. I can't wait to have nice walls! WOOHOO! Have a good one all!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 13 Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs!

This combo is so awesome! Okay so I love these workouts, all of them in many ways ;) Pure cardio I am getting better at and I am LOVING what my body can do! No I am not the best, but I am doing MY best and getting better (I am not a very fast great at cardio things person, I am not competitive with anyone but myself and finding MY best). I will be a rockstar by the time the 60 days are up, that is the only option!

Cardio abs after this workout, wow! I barely cooled down then just went straight into it, it is outstanding. I really really felt the burn. You do not need to worry about any extra ab work with this program. My goal will be to be able to do it with no breaks :)

Looking forward to my 2nd fit test, I think I'm more prepared now that I know how to fuel myself better for these workouts. I know my form is better and I will do better.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Insanity week 2 cardio power & resistance again

I might not keep blogging daily about these workouts seeing how a couple are done twice a week, but I had to write this today. I just LOVE how I keep getting better every time I repeat these workouts! This is the third time I've done this and I just love it more every time! Yes I was nauseous, yes I sweated buckets with the fan on me and whatever, but still it's the biggest sense of accomplishment to push so hard, do better, etc. I mean yeah I struggle but that's just because I'm pushing as hard as I can. It's amazing...

I just went back and reread the blog I wrote after the first time I did CPR, and it cracked me up. I am loads stronger, it's amazing! My quads, shoulders, arms, etc. are all so much stronger. I kept up for the most part until the very last move of 8 hop squats 8 push-ups repeat. And I swear I feel my lats engage when I'm doing the V-push-ups somehow, I must be crazy...

Things I do is every time there's a break and everyone is laying on the floor I make myself stand up. Somehow I'm convinced that that'll help somehow, whether it's in my head or not ha.

If you're reading this and are scared about these workouts thinking you can't do them, you're probably wrong. Unless you have major injuries or something, that is. If you really want to see what you can do, enhance your performance etc. you really really should just try Insanity. I can't remember a more rewarding feeling after workouts, seriously, and no I'm not just sayin that.

Tomorrow's workout ~ Pure cardio & Cardio Abs - first time I'm doing cardio Abs, here's to hoping my abs won't still be sore come Monday morning's fit test!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Insanity week 2 cardio recovery

I didn't want to do this workout this week. Not that it isn't GOOD and needed, just that I didn't want a break in the INTENSE awesome interval cardio. But I know I KNOW I shouldn't do extra, but at this point it's starting to feel hard NOT to do the cardios. Sunday will be hard when I'm not supposed to do any workout at all... This insanity stuff is addictive smack, in the best of ways of course :)

I did cardio recovery, sweated good stuffs, killed the legs, did better than last week but I still can't keep up yet. I WILL be able to before I have to move on to the real workouts in the 2nd month, dang it.

Oh and better news yet is Hubby's work shift schedule has changed and now all his shifts are 12 hours. So right now is our adjustment period *sigh* At least I have INSANITY to keep me sane... as silly as that sounds :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Insanity week 2 plyo cardio ckt

Here's the difference, LAST week I was having to psyche myself up big time to go down and do these workouts. This week I LOOK FORWARD to them, majorly. I am better each time I do a workout (either in reps or less rest, etc.), my energy level is through the roof, I have endorphin highs that last very very long times. EVERYONE who CAN do these workouts should SERIOUSLY just get them! I've NEVER done intervals that felt THIS AWESOME.

Reason why I didn't post my first fit test results was because they were ridiculously & absolutely unacceptable. I am expecting HUGE HUGE improvements next Monday because I'm feeling freaking amazing (and yeah I'll finally admit my horrid initial numbers).

I did end up getting in some P90X back and bi's yesterday at noon, and I don't see why not. In the deluxe edition of this series it comes with an upper body weight workout which he says you can add in whenever you can once a week, just don't overdo it etc. So I'm going to do some sort of P90X upper body work once a week, when I can get it in, and I will be making sure it will not affect my Insanity performance.

Painters are supposedly coming over today, I'm not going to hold my breath. But it's ONLY for today, the rest will need to be rescheduled. So if you need me I'll be around in the evening.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What are you waiting for?

Today is the day where you can choose to begin a new life, go a new direction. Are you unhappy with your physical state of fitness or health? Why not use today to start turning that around. What are you waiting for? Do you think you're too old? Not knowleable enough? Do you think what you're eating is good food? Do you want support or help?

Do yourself a favor right now. Drop the excuses... You know... I'm too tired, too sore, too old, I don't have the time, I have too much to do, the kids are riding my last nerve, etc. Too embarassed to go to a gym, why not do something at home? There is so much you can do with nothing! Don't know how to eat right? That's what we are here to help you with.

Do you want to stay where you are right now? I've been there, having tons to lose (or even that last amount, and wanting to be healthy), no hope, no end in sight. But you have this thing, this blessing called today, and today you can choose to move your body (like it was made to) you can choose to fuel it properly (the way we were deigned to). You have the power. If you need help you know where to find it.

We all have our own journeys. Start creating YOUR success story today.

INSANITY pure cardio 2nd time

Yep, am definately way better the 2nd time. This is a great workout :) I love how these vids are shorter, but SOOOO intense! I also really like the weekly rotation proression, it seems it gets harder ewach week, so I'm looking forward to this lots. I LOVE INSANITY! :) I'm looking forward to the 2nd fit test already. I totally completely sucked at the first one.

I have to admit, I'm missing my beloved P90X

I'm going to do P90X back and bi's around noon because I'm itching... And I'm better at the Insanity workouts & am less sore, so I can. OOH! I won an autographed poster a few weeks back, finally got a frame for it, I loves it :)

Painters not here today, they suck, but whatever. They'll be around tomorrow.

Monday, August 3, 2009

INSANITY start week 2, CPR again

First off, I have my meals planned, cooked etc. because the next few days I'll be uber-busy trying to keep us OUT of the house as much as possible (kids skipping NAPS ugh) because painters are coming but I will stay 110% on track.

Today was Cardio Power & Resistance again, I definately like this workout more the 2nd time through. I am MUCH much better and can almost keep up with em! I'm rockin it ;) I moved my full length mirror down there and watched when I could. I definately felt my form much better and I did more than last time. Good stuff! I like the progression week by week, each week seems more difficult.

If you do these workouts as prescribed you should be exhausted EVERY SINGLE TIME, but the point is to get better each week which I will be doing. I already am enjoying the daily torment of Shaun T scooping it up off the floor and saying "here ya go, here's your arse" ha!

But I do want to work in (sometime this week) at least half of the P90X back & bis video, will see if'when I can squeeze that in if the painters are probably going to be here Mon-Weds (not knowing how long on Weds), so the plan is to get that in once sometime at "naptime".

A new day, new week has started. Tear it up!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

INSANITY plyo cardio ckt take 2 (day 6)


I don't know what it is about this one, but I totally love it, I'm pretty sure it's my favorite because it seriously makes me feel like I'm about to lose the water in my stomach (which makes it near impossible to take sips during the mini-breaks). Krissa you have to do this one, right now! Seriously though...

Differences from the first time: uh, I wasn't so sore doing it (I think my body is recovering faster and getting used to the moves sorta), my arms were still really quivering and wanting to give out near the end. When you're down doing the weird plank jumping stuff I really really feel the need to stare at the crappy dark green trash can hoping it's close enough... just sayin!!! But no, it has not been used in that way...

Oh and yes, no shirt, fan on me & faster than yesterday & I was still really really sweating. This is awesome stuff man, to push so hard. I can't tell you the last time I did workouts that made me feel like this.

This is not for the beginner, this is not for someone who can't do high-impact stuff, this is not for someone who isn't ready to push as hard as they can. But if you want to see what you're made of and to find out what you could do if you tried, then you better just go and get it.