Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still going

Monday I took an impromptu rest day, mother nature just sucks sometimes is all I have on that.

Tuesday I will still insanely tied but I forced myself to do something, so I did the scheduled P90X back & bi's and lifted heavier than the week before. It was good, but still I felt crappy.

Yesterday I did the 1st of 3 scheduled 28 min runs for the week. The last mile of it I really didn't want to keep going & finish, but I made myself & I did it. Then I cooled down a wee bit & did a max incline walk & the total tready time was an hour.

This morning I did P90X chest/shoulders/tri's and progressed in it. I'm planning on a really good elliptical sweat session midday and that's about it for now. I'm not counting on progress with stats this week, but as long as I don't go backward I'll be good.

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Sailing with bare feet said...

Hey .. have you heard of P90x !! It's awesome !! My husband and i have been doing it he lost 16 pounds. Here is my link