Saturday, November 14, 2009


I HAVE to admit I've been very skeptical of this product (especially because of its price tag) but I vowed that I would buy it & try it and O.M.G.!!! I got the chocolate flavor (I will get the green berry someday) and the taste was SO MUCH BETTER then I could've imagined. It got me, I won't stop drinking this! I just HAVE to say that the fact that it's like 70 crazy ingredients, things I would NEVER EVER try because I'm a PICKY ARSE eater [& I must admit I do NOT eat a good variety of veggies] I am just blown away at how this tastes! They say it detoxifies you, HECK YES IT DOES! I felt the effects of that in like an hour after I drank my first shake. Oh I also must say that it IS filling! It's a perfect meal replacement shake! It's more chocolatey then I expected (so far I only blended it with water) but I can only suspect throwing a tbsp of natty PB will just make it perfect. They say it gives you energy, I can thoroughly agree with that! It is SO packed full of nutrients it's just simply amazing! EVERYONE MUST TRY THIS! I feel psycho now, but I have to admit this is AWESOME!

It is gluten free, caffeine free, refined sugar free etc. etc. It's friggin amazing.

Yiu can get a 10% discount if you're a club member or a 25% discount if you're a coach. If you sign up to get it via Home Direct (monthly auto shipment) the SHIPPING IS FREE PEOPLE! FREE! So for me being a coach I get 30 servings of this wonder shake for a grand total of $95! That's friggin amazing! THis stuff has super powers! I really HOPE more people try this!

This video is a must see, follow the link: SHAKEOLOGY THE BREAKTHROUGH

If you want to get this for a discount go to this link & set up a club account (only $15 each quarter) or even become a coach. The discount you get on it more than pays the cost of being a coach, so it's WORTH IT! GO GO GO NOW! I Swear you will NOT regret it! And anyway BeachBody has this guarantee with EVERYTHING you buy that if you don't like it or change your mind within 30 days you get your money back (even if it's signing up to be a coach. Just sayin'. I know I sound crazy, but this stuff is awesome!

Nutrition facts for chocolate:


Krissa said...

I would love to try this once however, I know I couldnt buy it as often as I would want it because its so expensive. I have no doubt that it is GREAT! But I dont want to tease myself with a bag that I will not buy again. 95 dollars is still a LOT for 1 month! Glad you like it!

NancySchwert said... time, add 1/2 teaspoon of peppermint extract and ice. It tastes like a GIANT peppermint patty. YUMMY!