Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today's tip - Flexibility

And no I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about getting your workout in! Why? Because Monday morning I could not wake up. I had sleep issues and did not want to be overtired all day, so I slept instead of working out early. I wasn't upset because I got my workout done later on in the day. Everyone has the time that they can make, each day, to do some sort of exercise or movement. So I pushed my workout hard later on in the day. Get it in when you can, despite obstacles!

Tuesday morning I was 15 minutes into my workout when I heard my youngest crying for me, so I had to stop & take care of her. I got it DONE later on in the day. Why? I don't want to be one to add to the obesity epidemic!

I have it written on my calendar what workout I will do 6 days of the week, and I stick to it because it's gratifying accomplishing what you set out to do! So the point is - CRAP happens and LIFE throws you curveballs. It's ALL about how you deal with it, you can work around things if you choose to. Or you can sit on the couch & let your butt grow. It's up to you.

I just have to say the new SHAKEOLOGY sites are pretty sweet! I'm so glad I'm drinking this stuff, it's so good & good for ya! :)

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katie said...

How's shakeology?

We just started Insanity 3 days ago, love it!

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