Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm here!

I just haven't really been up to blogging, not knowing what to write. I had problems figuring out what I was going to do next workout-wise, but I didn't stop & I'm moving onward! Part of me wants to get leaner & crazy ripped but it's just not practical & not healthy to get your bodyfat under 12% [for females] & stay there. So I am struggling a little with keeping my bodyfat a bit higher, trying to stay in that mentality. I have no NEED & no reason to be lower. I decided I'm going to a "classic" rotation of P90X with having Insanity cardios on Tuesdays & Saturdays in place of the P90X ones, so that is my set in Jell-O plan lol.

Here's what I've been thinking about recently. WHY would you keep on going? If you aren't a fitness model, you aren't going to try a figure comp, you aren't trying to win MONEY, you are healthy & fit & happy with where you are, so why would you keep going? Why NOT keep going? I have the body that is able, the mind might not always be so willing [but you have the CHOICE which is very powerful], so I'm going to use it. My heart might not always be 100% into my workouts, but I'm going to keep plugging away because I can. I like having the extra energy, being able to keep up with my girls, I LIKE how working out makes me feel. I do not like how I feel when I don't workout and I don't like how my body totally revolts when I eat bad food. We weren't made to eat the processed CRAP that our supermarkets are filled with. White sugar & white flour etc. just all wreaks havoc on you! Yes it is HARD but anything worthwhile isn't easy. It's hard to fight cravings & not always give into temptation, it's EASY to be lazy & stuff your face full of fast food & oreos and so on, but do you really want to be that way? Are you HAPPY feeling how you do? I'm not happy like that! That's why I will not let old habits make a comeback, no matter if I WANT to workout & eat clean or not.

I decided to really step out of my comfort zone & reserve a booth at a PTA event. I know it's small because it's just my older girls' elementary school, but it's a start. I'm extremely shy & don't really have any local friends (just a few acquaintances) and I don't want to tell them all about what I do because I don't want them to feel like I'm trying to push anything on them! So I figure I get this booth, put out my information & maybe I will get moving on this coaching business. By having a little booth I know only interested people will come over & talk to me, there won't be my trying to present things to a lot of people so there really won't be pressure. They will see the proof right in front of them that BeachBody works & if they want to get in shape they'll know who to call. SO I'm hoping good things come of it. That is this weekend.

Anyway that's about all I have, just random babblings :) Have a great week everyone & make it count!


Tearose said...


I think the booth is a great idea!! People are HUNGRY for what you offer! I would love to be a Beachbody coach but alas, I am not in America.
I keep going because if I didn't I would go backwards, I know I would. Carbs make me HAPPY and giddy and smiley lol. and I am not talking sweet potato. I keep looking for fun new exciting things, and keep trying to set some sort of goal. I like what you said though "because you can" . My best friend has just been diagnosed with MS and there is a lot already she cannot do, I really try hard to remember to be thankful that I can, because she can't, Today we can. No one knows what tomorrow holds.

Mechelle M said...

I also have a friend who was diagnosed just 1 year ago with MS. I can not believe how little she can do compared to last year. It is definitely a reminder to be thankful.

I completely understand your reasons about the booth and not wanting to feel like your pushing things onto your friends. When I read your blog, I thought "oh I can relate to that." I am not a coach right now. But I am considering signing up again. Was a coach for a couple months at the first of the year and timing was just not good. Had too much going on with closing my fitness center. Time is probably perfect right now. : )
By the way, you are really inspiring on FB.