Saturday, October 24, 2009

Will power & frog push-ups

So yesterday a girl I coach sent me a FABULOUS chocolate mousse cheesecake (it was FedExed from THE Cheesecake Factory um OMG). I'm proud to say that even though I was literally shaking as I sliced it, I commenced to wrap each slice with wax paper, wrap the WHOLE THING back up & put it away in my freezer. THEN I cleaned up all the chocolate crumbs that fell on the counter & floor without any nibbles. It was hard. The only thing that helped was the fact that I saw the nutrition stats and I had to tell myself I need to hold out until my planned cheat day cuz WOW! It's fabulous looking and I can't WAIT!

I joined this group on facebook that does these neat weekly challenges. You can join & enter. There are 2 weekly winners (one female & one male) and each get entered to win a monthly prize drawing. This month's winners get these super-cool wrist saver POWER STANDS. Just sayin' it's pretty cool. Here's my entry vid.

BeachBody redid the coach websites & I totally personalized mine. It's neat you really should check it out! At the top of it there's this big window with the #s 1-4 at the bottom of it. If you click on #3 it goes to the P90X screen. If you THEN click on "SEE REAL RESULTS" you'l watch a video and see MY pics Red bikini before & orange bikini after. SO cool that my 5 minutes aren't up. SO click here & check it out!

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Becca said...

That is really cool that you didn't even lick your fingers. I have to say, I couldn't have done that.
I know - the nutriton facts have stopped me from eating SO MANY THINGS. I cannot imagine life w/o them anymore -