Friday, July 31, 2009

INSANITY cardio power & recovery

SORRY! I could NOT log into google at all the past 2 days! This was Wednesday's workout.

First off here’s what they say about muscle atrophy doing INSANITY – “You might lose some muscle mass but you'll make fitness gains that will increase your capacity for improvement, so when you head back to P90X or whatever else you're doing, you should quickly catch up with, then surpass, any previous limits.

It's the basic theory of cross-training only it's, like, max-cross training.”

Starting today my hammies, glutes, erectors & delts were all sore, already. So it took massive amounts of convincing myself to go down and do the workout, these are something ELSE! I woke up at 2, stayed in bed until about 3:30 trying to sleep but got up & had half a recovery drink. Started about 4:30? These workouts have about a 10 minute warm up then 6 minute stretch; the warm up is NO JOKE and a “warm up” like no other! It hurt, doing the various types of evil jump squats he comes up with I was already screaming “are you freaking kidding me? We have to do THIS again after plyo? ARGH!” Then I decided Shaun T might just be the devil…. [and I mean that in the best of ways of course]

After the stretch I thought OMFG now I have to workout and I had already noticed (during the stretch) that the backs of my hands were sweating, then realized my shirt was so soaked that any movement felt AWESOME like an air conditioner blowing straight on me, ah thank you sweeeeet movement! But alas, the happiness is short lived as the craziness picked right back up. We had to do those crazy power jumps again (like wide stance squat jumps & you slap your knees when they’re up) efffff! Then V-push-ups (pretty much OW delts) (sorry the 30 sec mini breaks barely left me enough time to write stuff down ha). Tricep dips for a minute, okay not so bad, and then he says “raise your back leg” owww! Then you switch legs ow. Then these crazy tricep “ball” pushups, interesting, where does he come up with this stuff?!?!! After that bout of craziness then there’s moving push-ups freaking CRAP!

I think 20 minutes into the workout I felt seriously nauseous, like I was seriously eyeing my puke bucket and praying that I wouldn’t need it. It’s one of those feelings you love & hate, love that you’re pushing THAT hard but really hate to really have to throw up… just sayin’! No, I did not need to utilize the puke bucket, thank gawd!

Breaks glorious breaks! Grey bar how much I LOOOOVE YOU! The grey bars signal the glorious breaks, oh yes. CRAP there’s no more grey bar, WHERE ARE YOU GREY BAR?!????? I MISS YOU!

Then there are the torturous globe jumps again, ow freakin ow! I know I skipped a lot of moves on this blog I just jotted down ones that stuck out in my mind during the tiny 30 sec breaks, when I wasn’t trying to sip water. Then you get a break and there’s 5 mins left you think you might be done but ALAS one more move… hop squats (8) jump down do 8 push-ups repeat, wow. Oh yeah and somehow my lats are ever so slightly sore…

I think that is all I have. If I can move tomorrow for “cardio recovery” I will be happy.

This program is off the HOOK and I know I’m barely scratching the surface. Seriously, this is awesomeness!

***I will be back later putting up the blog about yesterday's workout and then today's***

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