Friday, July 24, 2009


The name of this workout series just fits me perfectly. Especially since I've been on Team Asylum for *cough* 2 years now *cough* wow has it been that long? Sheesh!

I bought this series and decided I'd take a P90X rest/recovery week and then dive in. It's 90% cardio program, so if I feel the need I'll add in some P90X lifting (since I get skinny arm syndrome if I'm not lifting enough). I'm starting this on Monday! Maybe not officially starting the 60 days, but am trying out the workouts in their intended rotation.

I'm nervous, I'll fully admit! I had a 10-15 min preview of this workout when I out in LA in March and I felt like I was going to puke in that short time. I do need to push my cardio harder, I haven't been doing that lately, and this will help. I *think* I'm ready. I've previewed most of the first months' workouts and they are INSPIRING, I am looking forward to it.


Krissa said...

Glad you started a blog again. Okay, I did Insanity Pure Cardio yesterday before work and let me tell you....actually, I dont even have words for it. The name says it all. INSANE! But I loved it. I do believe that there needs to be some type of strength training with this program though. I could never give up the weights totally. I will probably do 3 days of total body strength training with it.

I am sure you will do very well at this program though. You have done the X many times?

Jordan said...

Shaun T had me at, "I'm going to motivate you soo HARD"...

But seriously, that does look insane. Good luck with the program. I don't think I could give up Tony's corny one liners- for now. I was thinking about trying P90X+ after the second cycle. Would that be the natural progression for someone like me? I don't need a ton of cardio with the biking and skiing I do.

Anyone out there have experience with P90X+?

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