Friday, July 31, 2009

INSANITY "cardio recovery"

THis was yesterday, I will blog about today's in a few hours.

Okay here goes, is it CRAZY that starting day 4 I already feel a BIG difference? I'm sure my whole core/waist area is smaller and my legs & booty are better, but haven't checked any stats yet to be sure. I woke up at 2 am, laid down for another half hour but my stomach growling made me get up and eat a protein bar. I couldn't wait. This MUST have already sped up my metabolism in JUST a few short days, nuts! I'm NOT complaining cuz I <3 it!

Going into this workout I knew not to get my hopes up thinking it was just some sort of stretch vid because I previewed it > a week ago. I was a little relieved too, when I got up because my whole lower body wasn't crazy sore, thank goodness!

It's just over a half hour, lots of good stretching but OMG it was a LEG KILLER! Slow squats (all just body weight), HELD squats then when you think your legs are going to explode SHaun says "okay how we're going to pulse it 16 times" OWIE! Then repeat with lunges, more squats, more lunges... Then he does some craziness in the old style regular butt kicks (donkey kicks or whatever), I'm not going into specifics, but let's just say the leg that is supporting you is positioned in such a way that you'll want to scream because it is KILLING its quads and calf! Then there's some plank work which is also killer. I sweated good, but not buckets like on the cardio workouts.

I am now addicted to INSANITY, it's my smack, I can admit it :) I can see EASILY how this will get anyone seriously CRAZY results in 60 days, especially if I can tell a difference so fast. GET FIT OR GET OUT! If anyone is reading this and wants info on getting it, shoot me a message


Anonymous said...

Great read. We just started Insanity here at work and we love it. Hopefully we get the great results. Your results are unbelievable. Wowie Wow!

Anonymous said...

omg lmao I just got done with the "cardio recovery" and I wanted to scream in some stretches lmao.

Brandon said...

i just got insanity about a week ago. got around to cardio recovery today... although it was much needed after yesterday, those stretches were AWFUL! I felt that my legs were going to fall off! But I agree, I am now indeed fully addicted to Insanity. Nice Blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh you just saved us, we were stressing our legs hurt to bad to go on today, but the fact that we will get a good stretch we are rearing to go! Thx