Friday, July 31, 2009

INSANITY Pure cardio - day 5

Alright this was hard to get my game face on this morning, I knew this was going to be killer.

The warm up is the same always, essentially, at the end of that I decided WTF was I thinking wearing a shirt for any of these workouts in the first place? Took it off and set a box fan up & turned on in front of me, sheer genius I tell you! Then the stretch, feels sooo good. Then Shaun T says "anyone else as nervous as I am for this workout" UH WHAT?!?!?!

This is nuts, oh there's a grey bar in the other vids, yeah there is... In this one you get the grey bar after the warm up, then you don't get sight of it again until the count down is like 7-8 mins left. I saw that grey bar coming and felt LIFT OFF, yeah! We hit the grey bar, EVERYONE was on the floor including Shaun and he says "this sh&^&@ is ba.nanas... yo" yep, it is.

I liked when he started one move saying hey do this, uh what is this called? Shaun T is so tired he forgot the names of his own moves...

I love this series, love that it's set in a school gym, the cast is awesome, the music is just right. I'm almost done with the first week, one more workout then a day off, yes!!! Day off though might just be a P90X lifting video though... or I might wait a lil longer before adding lifting, will see how I feel.

BTW there's NO WAY anyone has to worry about lower body doing these vids, esp when every single day you're doing jump squats... yeah...


Krissa said...

This is the only video I have done so far. I was thinking, "Where are the 30 second breaks!???!?!?" I cracked up when he said, "this shit is bananas." He is just cool. I too LOVE the setting. It couldnt be any better. I was some of Rachel's videos on youtube and she is superfit. She makes insanity look easy.

I cannot wait to do a full round of this.

My favorite move was when you "set" and then sprinted.

I agree, legs are TOTALLY covered. BUT, I still want to do heavy deadlifts and squats. I cannot give those up for some reason.

JocelynD said...
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JocelynD said...

Rachel is nuts! She's an athlete, I know she competes in bikini events at least, maybe has done tri's, not sure. Of course she makes them look easy, she went through it HA! I'm hoping to get like that one day, maybe. I've never been very athletic.

Kelly Olexa said...

HAHAHA I did this same workout today! I love Shaun T and I am IN LOVE with Insanity!! Sweatfest!!