Monday, July 27, 2009

INSANITY starts - Fit Test thoughts

Krissa - just wanted to say to you that I previewed all the first month workouts and really the only mucles I wonder about getting worked enough are back and bi's, I don't see needing to lift MORE than that BUT I will see.

Alright so I started the rotation, I'm not sure if it's my "official" 60 days start day but today was my first Fit Test so here are my thoughts.

Warm up - okay nice, sweat starting, let's DO DIS!

switch kicks - I have to jump doing front kicks back and forth raising my legs HOW high? #$@*(& this looked easier a week ago when I just watched it, how in the #$@&^ HELL does Tania do so many? That girl is nuts!

power jacks - okay I can do these good, thank you Tony Horton, now I know I won't die doing these

power knees - I am a beast and I will kill you with my knee repeatedly, okay maybe not, but I can do these good (of course by the end of it you have burning lower body muscles and have to work through the burn but it's okay)

power jumps - okay seriously, wtf, when I previewed this move I didn't realize it was going to make me wanna die...

globe jumps - these are like squat jumps just in 4 directions (right, back, left, front over & over) - my arse, my arse, my arse is on fire, we don't need no water let the mother #$*(&#(*$@ burn...

suicides (aka burpees without the push-up) - okay I can do this, this has to be easy without the push-up... yeah #@^$% right! Crazy m'er f'ers! I crawled to write my results down... okay okay only ONE more move I can do this, I'm almost done! GRRRR baby!

push-up jacks - reg push-ups but when you go down you jump your feet apart come up and jump them together, doesn't look so hard I can do it... holy crap WTFH? Seriously this stuff is crazy! OH good God in Heaven I'm so glad I survived!

Ahhhh 4 mins of stretch & cool down and I feel fabulous.

If I can survive this first week I'm going to love this program. Tomorrow the puke bucket is coming down to the basement with me, you know, just to make sure.


Becca said...

You know who is INSANE? You, posting this at 2:33 am! LOL
Well, this def. sounds like another good one. My friend Jordan started p90x and he is now on day 60 and TOTALLY hard core with it and seeing the results. He is doing beach body; name is Jordan Semark from Kzoo if you wanna check him out.

Ok, so I remember last time you gave us some progress plannin on doin that this time at all?

Have a great day Joc!

JocelynD said...

No I guess my time is off here, I did it at 4:30 :) I'm not ready for pics anytime soon honestly, I slacked in the kitchen for a little while.

KiddJax said...

I'm glad you're sharing this because I seem to have a need to change things up every 60-90 days so I'm often looking for something new :) With doing Barry's now and then having more time in a couple months to really get into P90x (I loved it but lasted 30 days then work got crazy and I was dumb enough to get TWO puppies not just one LOL) so I had way less time... so Barry's, P90x then perhaps this INSANITY thing cuz it looks torturous! LOL :D

Dawn said...

Look at your transformation. WOW!!! You look AWESOME!!! I know there is hope for me then. I weighed about 210 at my highest weight. I am down to 152 now and working on some more fat loss currently. Man, I would love to wear a bikini. There is HOPE!

Krissa said...

I watched the rest of the videos as well and maybe you are right, no need for too much extra lifting. However, I just cannot (or I am not willing) to give up HEAVY lifting for 60 days. I guess that will be my challenge then. I love the weight room.

I had so many of those same thoughts as you. They made me laugh. Those push-up jacks surprised me. Everything is way tougher than it looks while watching them.

I have a question about the BFL many times I go to use it and it comes up as a broken link. Does it have a lot of maintenance or something?

JocelynD said...

KiddJax - I don't know what Barry's is, but I've gone through P90X at least 5 times, this is different, very cardio intensive. The fit test is a test of each move go as fast as you can keeping good forn for 1 minute, if you push yourself it's hard.

Dawn yes there's hope! Never give up!

Krissa the webmaster of Tracker said something about taking it down for a couple days to switch servers and hopefully get rid of the issues, so hopefully it'll be up again soon

XO ~ Your Romance Diva said...

LOL. I am a total beginner to working out and on week 2 of insanity. Let me just say your description of the test ROCKS, lol. It does look way easier watching it. OMG I was totally like WTF why is this so hard. And Tanya totally needs to get out of that video she is not normal. Freak, LOL!! Congrats on your transformation. U look amazing!!