Friday, October 9, 2009

Are you gonna BRING IT today?

I did! INSANITY Max Interval Circuit this morning, it was awesome LOVES IT! And I did vids, so enjoy :) Sorry no music, just workout sounds.

Just over one more week & I can send off for my FREE INSANITY T-shirt! Can't wait! I EARNED that baby!


CoachJaye said...

You are doing an Amazing job Jocelynd!

jen-x said...

OMG that does look tough. I loved your P90X results and congratulations on your much deserved win. I got P90x because I found your blog one day and watched what you did.
I just might have to do this Insanity.

Jennifer in Austria
PS. Hello BigPoPaJaYe youtube buddy.

Tiffanie said...

Hey girl! You are so hardcore...LOVE it! Just wanted to stop by and say hi. You are so awesome!!!