Friday, October 2, 2009

Almost done with INSANITY week 2 month 2!

I HAVE to say this has got to be the MOST amazing program I've ever done. And everyone who knows me knows how much I love P90X (and will eventually go back to it for muscle, just ya know... Anyway!). I can't believe how my muscular endurance & cardio ability has improved since I started this about 7 weeks ago. Yes P90X made me almost feel like an athlete but INSANITY definately does. Even if I'm just an athlete in my basement ;)

You can not carb cycle with this program, unless you want to have a low carb day on a rest day. You can NOT do the workouts in a fasted state (MAYBE the month 1 workouts you could, but ONLY if you've already done them for weeks & built up) you need SOMETHING in your system to fuel you through your workout or you WILL bonk during it! I eat a small banana & wait at least a half hour before I start my workout. I can not imagine getting through one of the workouts (especially the month 2 LONGER & HARDER ones) with nothing in my system, there is no way that would be possible. Let me tell you, eating first WILL NOT hinder your fat loss! This program works WONDERS, I am NOT kidding you, it is THAT amazing. If you don't believe me, then get it, dig DEEP & prove me wrong. If you go HERE to order I'll be your coach & can help you get through it. I can say I've NEVER felt better and I'm not done, I'm nowhere even close to finding out what I can FULLY do.

Anyway this morning was Max cardio conditioning & cardio abs. This was the first time in month 2 we tack on cardio abs to this workout & BOY OH BOY was it hard! I was SOOOO spent after the ~ 1 hr & 5 mins that I literally crached on the floor/mat. And I NEVER do that. I did not want to get up, but I made myself. Good GAWD IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!! Just sayin'! After this morning's workout I was thinking HOLY FREAKIN HECK I do NOT want to do another hard cardio tomorrow. When I got up & looked at the calendar BOY was I relieved to see that tomorrow is Core Cardio & balance. Much better ha!

Week 2 the DOMS is mostly gone, I haven't used any Tiger Balm as my lower body is MOSTLY used to it now. My calves still get on FIRE during the workouts (as well as my glutes) but they don't seem to result in DOMS so I'm obviously doing something right & my muscles must be recovering better. I don't know what I'd do without the Recovery Drink! Right now the only thing that has actualy DOMS are my obliques.

I can't WAIT to start Round 2 of this with the deluxe videos & REALLY see what I'm made of. This stuff is just so amazing, I can't praise it enough!


Becca said...

Oh boy...this is scary. I will be starting PX90 in a few weeks once my competition is over and I'm looking forward to it. My friend Jordan bought me the program and I am stoked. He's a fan of at at home programs too. I will have to tell him about INSANITY!

Krissa said...

I am almost nervous to start this. I had every intention on starting it once I completed my duathlon. However, I cannot make myself start. I guess I have heard how "INSANE" it really is and I did one of the workouts and almost died in the warmup so I am hesitant to start. I dont want to start it and NOT finish it. Its just hard because I work 12 hour shifts and its difficult for me to get up so early like you do to get a workout THAT INTENSE done.

I have a plan though. I think it will be my new years plan. Great way to kick off the new year. :)

You amaze me BTW. Your dedication and persistance is admirable.