Thursday, October 15, 2009

Deluxe workouts & me update

So in the Deluxe version you get 3 extra workouts. INSANE abs - 32 mins instead of the 16 min Cardio Abs that comes with the regular INSANITY. Great workout! My core is so strong that I didn't get DOMS from it though (and I make sure to thoroughly squeeze the bejeezus outta my abs) I only got hip flexor DOMS, but I really liked it!

This morning I tried Max Interval Sports Training, SHEW baby! I REALLY love that one! There's some craziness, got my heart pounding, burned some muscles etc. I was happy. So I haven't tried the upper body weight one yet but I don't think I'm busting that out until I hit Round 2.

So I started the last week of INSANITY and TOM hit, lovely! I'm thinking I'll wait until Tuesday for pics just to make sure. Hubby starts this round of 12 hr nights tonight & gets off Monday morning, then attempts to adjust his schedule again so I figured I'd just say I'd do pics on Tuesday.

New plans - I FEEL like a need a rest/recovery week before going into a 2nd round of Insanity, so next week will be less intense, shorter workouts, and probably a YogaX, Core Synergistics, & maybe a P90X plyo too just for poops & giggles. Then I'll start again with using all the deluxe vids & such. The 2nd round I'm going to do the INSANITY deluxe upper body weight lifting vid once a week (once I get my plan written down I'll figure out when to add it) and one day a week of pull-ups (I miss those) those will probably be with a P90X vid, I'll just skip through the other parts that aren't pull-ups.

So there ya have it!


Sarah said...

You are a machine! You are in inspiration and PROOF that mind over matter gets you to where you want to be! You are just amazing, I know I tell you this all the time, but you are. I mean it. You inspire me on a daily basis!

p90x said...

I like the combo strategy you have working. It seems like you just need to workout.