Friday, October 23, 2009

My plan for Insanity round 2

I just decided (on Wednesday) that instead of a P90X/Insanity hybrid I'd just go through Insnaity a 2nd time but just with slight modifications. On Cardio recovery & Max recovery days I'm going to do P90X YogaX instead of those workouts because I want to get back to doing that weekly & the benefits are so worth it. I'm also going to try to add on 2 extra upper body workouts a week because I noticed my bi's aren't what they were before. SO! That means once a week I will add on the Insanity Upper Body weights routine and another day I will add on ONE of the P90X upper body workouts that include pull-ups. More than likely it'll be chest & back or back & bi's. Of course also the first week or 2 you don't really add on the Insanity abs videos so I'm adding those on from the start. I MIGHT skip fit tests all together, I'm not 100% sure yet on that.

Yesterday I did the insanity upper body weights video & found I need to go up in weight, didn't realize what I could do. So next time I'll do that. I do have some DOMS from it still. This morning I did Plyo cardio circuit & added on Cardio Abs for good measure. I'll probably take mid-round pics too for the heck of it, depending on where I'm at. I'm hoping to lose a little more fat, BUT I don't want my bodyfat to drop too low.

That's about all I got for now :) OH! When I sent in my pics for the T-shirt I got a form to fill out for them to use my pics (possibly) in the next infomercial & info on submitting videos to them of my telling my story & working out to INSANITY so I'll probably do that & get sent out to them next week as long as I get a response email from them saying they are still accepting footage :)

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