Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kickin major BUTT!

Well my youngest girl came down with a cold over the weekend, but she seems to be getting a bit better each day. Unfortunately when they're sick they want more Mommy cuddle time which means Mommy better step up vitamins to support the immune system. Yesterday my throat was on fire, my lymph nodes were enlarged & my congestion was poo. BUT I upped vitamin C, added vitamin D, took a couple Airbornes, took my L-glutamine & told myself I was going to get better, my throat had burned all day long & I downed INSANE amount of water to try and help my throat feel better (hey that's better than popsicles at least). This morning I woke up with NO throat ache! I'm getting better, the huge power your thoughts can have!

I ate my preworkout banana & started sweating within 15 minutes, crazy isn't it! This month 2 workouts are doing amazing things already! So I was ready...

I felt something special today. At 2 minutes into the warm up I was already COVERED in sweat, crazy! So far I believe this workout (for month 2) is my fave... I don't know if I've ever sweated this much before without being in intense heat. I killed it, it's awesome! At about 12 mins left I heard my youngest at the gate for the kitchen crying/calling for me, so I grabbed her & brought her down so I could finish. The only drawback to having her there is she had to be on my workout area mat so for the full body drills I couldn't do travelling push-ups (she was in the way), I just did regular push-ups. I fought back the nausea countless times, it was freakin incredible! O.M.G. those plank punches kill my core! LOVE THEM!

I LOVE this workout & this workout series! It just might be my new favorite. IN fact next week I'm going to order the deluxe videos because I'm going to roll straight into a second round of Insanity as soon as I finish this one - with the extra videos. Love this stuff, it's like CRACK! :)


Dawn said...

Sounds like your workouts have been awesome! Keep it up!

There have been a lot of people trying to fight off the cold now...I'm one of them :(

Kelly Olexa said...

Girl we have like the same throat issues going on! So weird!! ;-) And Insanity is like workout heroin for sure.

Marissa said...

Love this song! It's on my ipod and I get made fun of all the time for the music I listen too! But hey, no one has a workout like i do and the music helps!!