Tuesday, August 4, 2009

INSANITY pure cardio 2nd time

Yep, am definately way better the 2nd time. This is a great workout :) I love how these vids are shorter, but SOOOO intense! I also really like the weekly rotation proression, it seems it gets harder ewach week, so I'm looking forward to this lots. I LOVE INSANITY! :) I'm looking forward to the 2nd fit test already. I totally completely sucked at the first one.

I have to admit, I'm missing my beloved P90X

I'm going to do P90X back and bi's around noon because I'm itching... And I'm better at the Insanity workouts & am less sore, so I can. OOH! I won an autographed poster a few weeks back, finally got a frame for it, I loves it :)

Painters not here today, they suck, but whatever. They'll be around tomorrow.


Kevin R Price said...

Great stuff on the Insanity workout! It goes along pretty quick so far. 2nd Fit test tonight for myself.

Keep it up and will be following along!

Krissa said...

I like that poster! That would sure be some good motivaton in your workout room.

See...I would do the same thing. I would NEED to lift weights.