Thursday, August 27, 2009

Joc furnace engaged =)

Well I don't know what did it besides just blaming it on Insanity. When my metabolism is rockin I get warmer. Well right now preworkout I have a small banana to get going (since I need some fuel in me now to get through these cardios). I start sweating way faster when I go downstairs (which my basement is colder than the rest of the house). Now when I was comfy about 69-70F inside (according to thermostat) I am comfy a few degrees cooler (66-67). Hubby uses me as his furnace when sleeping & when I get up to workout he gets cold & wakes up LOL.

In-laws are visiting (almost done) and I've been on track. It's really REALLY hard to stay on track with them. See, FIL is 100% Polish & deaf (has hearing aids, hardly wears them & doesn't keep the batteries fresh), grew up as a farmer etc. MIL is 100% Italian, had knee replacements & is quite slow moving. Well they bring sweets & all sorts of things we don't eat & it's HARD staying away and turning things down. I hate how upset FIL looks, but Hubby just says "diet" he makes his face and nods. UGH! Seriously they KNOW what I've done & I don't get it. I mean MIL totally understands but FIL just won't get with the program, ugh! Ugh! That on top of all the extra cooking, extra tons of dishes etc. It's been a rough, tiring week. I REALLY like them, but it's just hard, especially for a full week. I wouldn't be surprised if I dropped a few lbs, just sayin'!

Hearing what people are saying about the Month 2 Insanity workouts scare me a wee bit. I have just over 3 more weeks though. From what I hear Month 1 workouts are nothing compared to them, so yeah...

I'm fighting sinus junk, my ears are having difficulties draining as they always do when my sinuses are in full swing. My left ear hurts & the lymph node right in front of it is swollen. I'm really really hoping it'll clear up without turning worse.

I'm up for blog/vlog ideas, send em my way! Might wait until after Monday's fit test to do another video, possibly, will see.

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