Monday, August 3, 2009

INSANITY start week 2, CPR again

First off, I have my meals planned, cooked etc. because the next few days I'll be uber-busy trying to keep us OUT of the house as much as possible (kids skipping NAPS ugh) because painters are coming but I will stay 110% on track.

Today was Cardio Power & Resistance again, I definately like this workout more the 2nd time through. I am MUCH much better and can almost keep up with em! I'm rockin it ;) I moved my full length mirror down there and watched when I could. I definately felt my form much better and I did more than last time. Good stuff! I like the progression week by week, each week seems more difficult.

If you do these workouts as prescribed you should be exhausted EVERY SINGLE TIME, but the point is to get better each week which I will be doing. I already am enjoying the daily torment of Shaun T scooping it up off the floor and saying "here ya go, here's your arse" ha!

But I do want to work in (sometime this week) at least half of the P90X back & bis video, will see if'when I can squeeze that in if the painters are probably going to be here Mon-Weds (not knowing how long on Weds), so the plan is to get that in once sometime at "naptime".

A new day, new week has started. Tear it up!

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