Sunday, August 16, 2009

Insanity fit test results

Okay this is a restart but I figured I'd put up my sad sad original #s too just because it's ridiculous the difference already! Can I really go even faster? I guess so, will strive to do better in 2 weeks!

Switch kicks: 100, 112
Power jacks: 47, 57
Power knees: 87, 100
Power jumps: 24, 33
Globe jumps: 7, 10 (for those who don't know each 1 is 4 jump squats)
Suicide jumps: 14, 20
Push-up jacks: 17, 28
Low plank obliques: 60, 82

Seeing these really made me wonder if I was just really holding back 3 weeks ago, uh... Yeah... Anyway moving on!

With the restart I'm adding on 2 P90X upper body workouts a week, so later today I'll do chest & back and another day I'll do shoulders & arms. And from the beginning Pure cardio days I'll add on cardio abs as well since I'm already accustomed to the workouts. I will not blog about individual workouts anymore until I hit month 2, so will do weekly updates, probably in video format (on my blogspot).


Krissa said...

Did you know there was an Insanity Weight Lifting video in the Deluxe package? I wonder how that is. ????

JocelynD said...

Yea I saw that, totally spaced on ordering it & just got the regular. If/when they come out with the "deluxe edition" upgrade I'll be getting it!