Monday, August 10, 2009

Not 100%

I realized Sat afternoon I was coming down with something, Sunday I felt like poo. Then I started thinking about how I felt over the past several days and realized I first had symptoms last Wednesday when the painters started work. Obviously, I did not have much down time to think about how I felt and I kept going, whooops! So there was my mistake, taking care of everyone & everything and not thinking too much about me!

So I'm taking this week as an Insanity recovery week, which is doing "core cardio & balance" for 6 days, then will restart Insanity next Monday. It's a good sweat & a good burn of a workout, but definitely a good recovery workout. Here's to hitting Insanity HARD & with a vengeance next week!

The next few days the painters will be here, so I'm going to be scarce. I can't wait to have nice walls! WOOHOO! Have a good one all!

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