Friday, August 7, 2009

Insanity week 2 cardio power & resistance again

I might not keep blogging daily about these workouts seeing how a couple are done twice a week, but I had to write this today. I just LOVE how I keep getting better every time I repeat these workouts! This is the third time I've done this and I just love it more every time! Yes I was nauseous, yes I sweated buckets with the fan on me and whatever, but still it's the biggest sense of accomplishment to push so hard, do better, etc. I mean yeah I struggle but that's just because I'm pushing as hard as I can. It's amazing...

I just went back and reread the blog I wrote after the first time I did CPR, and it cracked me up. I am loads stronger, it's amazing! My quads, shoulders, arms, etc. are all so much stronger. I kept up for the most part until the very last move of 8 hop squats 8 push-ups repeat. And I swear I feel my lats engage when I'm doing the V-push-ups somehow, I must be crazy...

Things I do is every time there's a break and everyone is laying on the floor I make myself stand up. Somehow I'm convinced that that'll help somehow, whether it's in my head or not ha.

If you're reading this and are scared about these workouts thinking you can't do them, you're probably wrong. Unless you have major injuries or something, that is. If you really want to see what you can do, enhance your performance etc. you really really should just try Insanity. I can't remember a more rewarding feeling after workouts, seriously, and no I'm not just sayin that.

Tomorrow's workout ~ Pure cardio & Cardio Abs - first time I'm doing cardio Abs, here's to hoping my abs won't still be sore come Monday morning's fit test!

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Krissa said...

You did take before pics right?

Reading your blog makes me want to start a round now! But I only have about 1 month and 1 week to go. So I will hold out. I cannot wait!