Saturday, September 5, 2009

How bad do I want it?

I haven't had a chance yet to go through and answer the questions from that post the other day & since I can't do any vlogs for a while (did I mention I broke my camera?) I figured I'd just do this. Presently I just finished week 3 of INSANITY and I'm starting to feel pretty awesome. I'm starting to feel worthy (of at least the easier workouts HA). Goal is by the time I'm done with the 9 weeks - to feel like I should be in some of the vids ;) Or have a camera again & DO some workout vids again like I did way back when. Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these workouts! I've NEVER loved cardio this much, EVER.

How bad do you want to be a great athlete? ath·lete (ăth'lēt') n.
A person possessing the natural or acquired traits, such as strength, agility, and endurance, that are necessary for physical exercise or sports, especially those performed in competitive contexts. I've never considered myself an athlete, I don't play any competitive sports. I do compete against myself though, and with some of the craziness I do at home I must be an athlete. I train as I am one, I eat as I am one, so I must be. I want to be great, I am determined to be as great as I can be. I see others' fit test results & I want to do what they do or better if it's possible for me. The sky is the limit and I have learned to not underestimate what I can do. I am an example for my girls and an inspiration to others, I will live up to any expectations those hold of me & do my best.

1. How Bad? I want it. Bad. And I'm taking it.

2. Why? Why? Why NOT?! I'm not trying to outrun the racer next to me, I'm not trying to squat heavier than the person on my right, or even stand on stage hoping I've peaked my muscles just right, dropped my bodyfat low enough, out pose etc. the ladies next to me. I'm fighting off the overweight/obesity epidemic [aka plague] that is our "culture" because I lost all the fat, I got in the best shape of my life. I deserve to be my happiest which is when I am in peak shape, working HARD and eating CLEAN day in and day out. Nothing makes me feel better than training HARD, so why wouldn't I?!

3. What are you willing to sacrifice? I get up before 4 am 6 days a week, fuel myself ASAP, drink water & prep for my early workout, just so that I can get one in before kids wake up and I get busy. 2 more days a week I commit to extra weight lifting, just to make sure. They say it takes lots of sacrifice... To me there is no sacrifice. Why would I sacrifice HOW I feel by stopping? Nothing feels better than pumping your body full of endorphins first thing in the morning, nothing feels better than giving your ALL and getting better each time. It's not a sacrifice, it's choice. I choose to because I CAN!

4. How much? I find the best things that are easily doable for me. I know my body & how to fuel it & how it responds to certain things. I train a minimum of 6 hours a week. I drink 2 gallons of water a day & adhere to my eating plan no.matter.what. I'm at the point now where if I have things to do I'll just bring a cooler with my food & eat it just in case. I'd rather be prepared than end up eating something bad!

5. Do you really love it? Is it my passion? My passion is to be fit, healthy, be a good strong example for my daughters and hopefully inspire others. My passion is to HELP others find some of the happiness that I found by becoming physically what I never thought I could become. I found when working out I NEED something I like or I won't stick with it! With P90X, X+, Insanity etc. I've found there really is no way I could get bored. I REALLY enjoy the workouts so I look forward to doing them, I can do them in my place so I have no excuse to NOT do them. I feel great after doing them, so I go back, over & over. Because I like it, I want it, I choose it.

No one is PERFECT 100% all the time. Sometimes you don't want to do it, you just make yourself do it & feel good about getting it done. You just need to remind yourself of your why, think about other people who can't choose to do what you CAN choose to do, and just

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