Monday, September 21, 2009

Insanity MAX month begins!

First I have to say Kelly O thank you for your comment, it just made me will myself to make it through & not miss any max workouts, no matter how much I hurt :)

This morning went swimmingly. I ate my banana, watched my 300 video to get ready & was about to kill it (seriously) then the clouds opened up & downpoured & woke up my 3 year old, at 4:30, yeah... At 5 I thought I had successfully snuck away from her so I went down & started the workout.

Warm up was great! Can't wait to get NEW cross trainers tomorrow cuz this'll kill me if I don't. Well during the first stretch I heard her walking around so I went upstairs & recruited Hubby to watch her so I could keep going. I can't even really talk about how much I wanted to die, really I dug deep. I felt muscle soreness right away, I'm skurred for the oncoming DOMS! At about 22 mins left I heard Aubrey calling me. SO I had to come up again & grab her and attempt the rest of the workout with her there with me & hubby sleeping again. It worked. It was good. I'm already sore!!!! But I'm ready for more & I'm ready to do better. Love this stuff, but I was already deemed crazy before they even came up with these videos ;)

This stuff is no joke. GET FIT OR GET OUT!!!!!!

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Krissa said...

Its a different breed that loves being sore :)