Friday, September 25, 2009

Max interval circuit take 2

That was SO much better! OMFG it was unbelievable! I LOVE how it felt getting through that. I never hit pause, I can't keep up 100% yet but DAYUM is it awesome.

First off compared to Monday it started much better (no 3 year old wake-up and so on). I also went through it once before so I could be a bit better. Well, I don't really know what all to say.

I TRY to not look at the timer until after the warm up & stretch, that way I can easily think to myself "okay, only forty-something minutes left, I can do this" - cuz it's an hour long workout. From there on out I give each circuit what I can and enjoy my water breaks with standing RIGHT in front of my fan :)

My obliquies were already sore going into this workout, and they got worked MORE with the crazy shiz that he came up with. LOVE IT! At about 20 mins left I got an energy surge, so I suppose it was like a 2nd wind? THen maybe 2 minutes later I realized my WHOLE lower body was tingling - calves, quads, hammies, glutes, the whole schebang. I dug DEEP and pushed through. It was amazing.

I love this craziness! Hopefully my lower body won't be too sore for Max interval plyo tomorrow >:)

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