Saturday, September 26, 2009

I survived 1 week of the MAX workouts!

I'll tell ya, they are humbling! They are HARD, I've never dug deeper or pushed harder. I've NEVER felt so accomplished after a workout than I do when I get through a MAX workout! INSANITY is just amazing! I can NOT give it enough praise! My RHR was already low 40s before starting this program so not much improvement to be had there. I can easily say that in the beginning of INSANITY the 30 sec breaks did NOT feel like enough & now it takes less than that time for my heart rate to slow down & feel recovered, it's just that amazing.

This morning my obliques were sore, going into max interval plyo. I'll tell you that workout was brutal [in the BEST of ways], but I was BETTER than the first time I did it & it felt AMAZING getting through it! My shoulders are sore, abs/obliques, calves, glutes, hammies... That's pretty impressive, me thinks, especially for not doing any weights. BUT I'm already recovering faster, AMAZINGLY faster! My soreness has already subsided and it's just impressive how much more efficient your body gets from these videos. I wish I could describe it better! I seriously want EVERYONE to do this! It's THE best program EVER! My metabolism is jumping up again, I'm feeling it and I'm going to need to up my calories again but that's okay!

Half way through this week I had to switch to mind over matter to push through the soreness & keep going. I'll tell you, it feels AMAZING to have done a week of these max workouts! Especially knowing that in 3 more very short weeks I'll be an INSANITY graduate, it just flies by! 9 weeks is NO TIME!

I freakin love this stuff, WOW amazing!

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Kelly Olexa said...

I'm amazed at month 2- totally. There are a few select moves- mostly the kind of plyo-type pushup moves- I'm NOT doing, I have no idea why but they hurt my middle back. But I just improvise and hop back does make you feel SO PROUD when you finish these workouts..I know I'll be doing them LONG TERM, cardio was NEVER THIS FUN!