Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Insanity max interval plyo

Luckily hubby rubbed my back last night so it wasn't hurting this morning. My glutes were sore going into it though, but not too horribly bad. I'm thinking the extra glutamine helps (even if it's just mental).

This crap is seriously crazy! How the HECK did he come up with some of these moves? Squat push-ups um k... SIDE push-ups OMG HELLO LATS! And at the end just when I thought my legs had been trashed enough we had to do diamond jumps, seriously? I looked like a dying bunny I'm sure. My legs were so shaky I could barely do them, but I did, dang it! I'm going to be awesome at these workouts with time & working harder than I ever have before, digging deep & NOT giving up.

Alls I know is my appetite is UP! I'm upping my calories already & paying attention to my body's signals. This program is awesome, lives up to its name & all the hype etc. It leans you OUT, improves your cardio ability IMMENSELY, I mean improves it so much it's hard to believe. It's seriously like making the IMpossible possible for you. Yeah...

I'm probably going to be doing extra stretching today too. I love this craziness!!!


Becca said...

This looks nuts! OOooh did I tell you I am starting px90 right after my comp?? Like seriously, I am going to take like 2 days off after my comp and jump right in to PX90. I do NOT want to blow up and gain my weight back like I did last time! I am excited...and scurrrrrred. lol

Kelly Olexa said...

Aren't those diamond jumps INSANE?? Seriously. I'm being really careful on some of the jumpy-pushup moves for some reason it hurts the middle of my lower back on the left really bad?? Not sure why. But regardless, these workouts are like - like being enrolled in the ARMY or something! Dang I love it!!