Saturday, September 19, 2009

Month 1 down onto the really crazy workouts!

Sooo I finished up month 1 of Insanity (including the 5th week, recovery week) and Monday I start the MAX crazy workouts. So I will be blogging more about them, if I can remember much that is. I'll be doing my fit test & bringin it to a new level I can't wait! My cardio has already grown leaps & bounds, I'm getting leaner & feeling awesome. Oh I don't think I'll be doing *any* extra workouts along with the max workouts. I'm expecting lots of pain & am ready!

I decided on being Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) for Halloween, ha! Yeah, but it's 6 weeks away. Right now I look pretty good in it (got the boots, waiting for the thigh holsters to be delivered), so I have 6 more weeks to get a bit leaner & rock it - I'm not wearing a wig or anything so I s'pose it'll be Lara with a haircut. No pic until my BF is where I want it. But I'm basically going for this look:

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Krissa said...

That is an AWESOME costume! You will look great in it. It is very YOU.