Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boooo to colds!

This morning I did Power 90 sculpt 3-4 which is a full body workout. It's quite good actually & I wasn't looking forward to squats & lunges with a sore booty! I did that then 30 mins elliptical.

After today though, until I'm over this cold crap that my girls gave me, I'm not adding on ANY extra cardio beyond the prescribed C25K workouts and the lifting I'm doing. I need more rest to kick it.

This weekend my cheat day will be horribly evil, ha! My b-day is next weekend but Hubby will be working nights, so I decided we'd celebrate this weekend instead. There shall be some cheesecake involved, pizza, and some alcohol ssshhh. Mommy never drinks, but she deserves a few once in a dang while! And I'm going into a new decade, so yes I shall drink :P

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