Sunday, July 18, 2010


Right now I'm starting the 1 month no cheats. It might possibly extend longer than that depending on how I feel. As SOON as my Ezekiel bread is used up I shall buy no more. Time to go psycho with the diet, I am finally ready after being on track for 5 weeks. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty happy with how I look, I just want to be LEAN and stay there, and I will.

Today was originally supposed to be rest day, but I woke up early so I wanted to get on the elliptical. I've been crazy bored with going the same pace/speed this past month (plus I had some anger to work out) so I did some crazy HIIT. I haven't done HIIT since before surgery and it was freaking awesome! No issues with it, nothing, just me going hard, sweating & breathing harder, it was fabulous. So now that I finally felt the strength, power & speed [once again] I really do have things will be moving along quickly and I am more motivated. The Couch to 5K workouts will stay as prescribed and when I get there I will start using the tready for HIIT & run outside once in a while.

So, anyhow, tomorrow week 6 C25K starts (it's only 9 weeks). I will impatiently await news on the body fat monitor and step up my stinking game. I feel great! BRING IT!

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