Monday, July 12, 2010

Bring it ON!

I am totally convinced the Couch to 5K program is the BEST way anyone can build up from not running to being able to a wee bit. It must be the very best beginner program out there. I'm sure most people who want to get into running do too much too fast & it takes a toll on the body, so they use the aches & pains excuses as to why they can't/won't keep running. Well this is made for minimal pains, especially is you fuel properly, take any vitamins you made need, and so on.

Today I did week 5 day 1 workout which is a 5 min walk warm-up then: run 5 mins, walk 3 mins, run 5 mins, walk 3 mins, run 5, then I did a 4 min walk cool-down & hit the elliptical for 30 mins. I was even smiling during some of the running, juust sayin.

It was freaking awesomely easy! That felt sooo good for it to be EASY when I know this week is pretty pivotal. The next workout is 1 more minute of running total but only one walk break, then the one after that is 2 miles straight (next week is harder, and so on). I am finally feeling like I CAN do this. I might not be great or fast, but I can do it.

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