Saturday, July 17, 2010

More progress and random thoughts

This morning I did P90X shoulders & arms, did more reps at the higher weights that I had done last time. I even tried out some easy standing ab work and I CAN do that without things bugging me. So I figure come Monday I will call Doc and see if I am allowed to do some light ab stuff now. I won't retry a plank for a while, I do miss doing things that incorporated more muscles for sure. One day I'll get back there, whenever enough scar tissue has built up.

I have been coming up with a plan of attack lately too. I bought a body fat analyzer online and as soon as that gets here I will do a 12 week challenge type thing to getting back to my former awesomeness. So until I get that I will keep doing the workouts that I have been doing (which I really can't complain about since they really have rehabilitated me and I'm finally feeling ready for me). Then things will be a changing! I will be doing more P90X routines like back & bi's, & chest, shoulders & tri's. I'm thinking fat will be melting off & I will feel better.

Next weekend I hit the big 30, when your metabolism is said to start dropping and the like. Hubby will be working nights, so we celebrated early bad foods abound. I dealt with the aftermath, but it's no big deal. I figure I'm going to start a clean eating challenge with myself (if anyone wants to join in that's cool). I figure as a present to ME I will go a whole month without cheats. Now that I put that out here for everyone to see, I shall do just that. Now I will have little weekly treats like ff/sf pudding or whatnot, but I'm extra cleaning up the eats the rest of the week and then on until I'm exactly where I want to be body fat wise. That means reinstating my old no dairy, no sauce, and so on rules (except the one day a week I allow myself to feel like I'm "cheating" without the added fat & sugar & white flour & the like).

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