Thursday, July 1, 2010


Is soooooo very very hard! Especially when you are me and used to being able to push yourself to all extremes on workouts... It's sooo hard following the sloooow Couch to 5K program but I know I KNOW, it's for the best.

So you have ME Miss I've never liked running, I will not run, I won't ever race... Ego put in check for surgeries & a friend 3000 miles away (I'm guessing lol) says HEY I bet you can't do a marathon with me next June... Yeah, I can't not agree to that. Worst comes to worst I do half. I bet I can go the distance.

Anyway so I'm trudging along on the C25K now, I picked up this awesome book on training for a marathon, read it and am now super jazzed to see what I can do. Main problem? I can't run 3 miles yet LMFAO, and I have to go, slowly progressing, and so on and so forth. But I don't want to hurt myself, sooo I'll grudgingly keep building up :)

I found a 5K run pretty close to us end of September, that falls on Hubby's monthly week off, so I'm gonna try to do it! I figured if I'm running a big race next year I might as well do a couple before so that it is not the first time I experience the race atmosphere. Soooo.... Yep. Tomorrow is rest day, then I will start blogging the boring daily workouts start Saturday, and try to be excited about jog/walking aka wogging, ha. Adios!

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