Saturday, July 31, 2010

Endorphins how I LOVE thee!

Seriously nothing is better than a workout that gives you that LONG endorphin high! Today was the first time I attempt P90X Plyometrics since surgery. Honestly, I was skeered going into it, but told myself that if I couldn't do it I'd quick pop in Legs & back instead [I'm doing it for a leg & cardio workout combined]. So I had an awesome workout, needless to say, the long after endorphin high and was thinking... NO matter how long, how hard I've RAN or did the elliptical I never got an endorphin high from those, EVER. If I'm to set my head on running a friggin marathon and I don't get endorphins it might just be near impossible. I think this is why I LOVED P90X and INSANITY so much, ENDORPHINS! Insanity was the most endorphins since almost all the workouts are plyo, I think that's the key for me, so sad!!!

Before surgery I never sweated that much either, I hope it's my metabolism cuz I have goals that need to get MET!

On facebook I started a new photo album I ended up naming "Getting back to ME at 30, accountability". Last weekend I turned 30 and this is a way for me to better myself, physically AND mentally (I have had issues for a long while with eating). This sweaty pic was the first one in it, of course. I'm hoping to do a weekly pic, they don't need to be same pose (that'd be BORING, okay?!), just a little extra something and my 1400+ "friends" to be able to see. I am really struggling here & there and want to work this fat off so fast but I totally am missing Insanity *POUT* I will stay strong though. Tomorrow morning stat check and maybe even some easier cardio. Now I will forever be looking forward to Plyo days!


Krissa said...

I totally get you on the endorphin thing. Insanity really does the trick. Your pic is awesome!

Sailing with bare feet said...

Oh you have done p90x !!! Sweet ~~