Friday, July 30, 2010

Food and food!

These are things I bought for my upcoming non-cheat cheat days :) Delicious blueberry waffles, sugar free chocolate pudding (with active cultures even), sugar free cool whip for the pudding, ff cheese, whole wheat sandwich thins & original BOCA burgers for yummy burgers, and a melon package cuz I've been craving some melon! Actually I forgot to add the light string cheese I bought too when I busted this all out for a pic. I'm actually looking forward to this!

I eat really non-processed (not totally strict like people can get, but still). I'm hoping stuff like this will help me refrain from actually cheating because I have not been able to get cheat days in check. I have one morsel of refined sugar or white flour (any form) and I go nuts, it's really really sad.

That is my typical daily food intake 6 days a week (roughly), well this is the new plan I started doing on Monday. If I need more I add in a couple ounces of chicken. I am really tired of not making much progress so now the freaking game is ON!

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RiseUp said...

Jocelyn, that menu looks great! I need to start eating more clean foods like that! Thanks for some great ideas!